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RockSolid Floors Oil Destroyer
Oil Destroyer™
RockSolid Oil Destroyer™ is a heavy-duty concrete stripper and degreaser developed from citrus oranges. It’s VOC compliant, easy to work with and has a pleasant orange smell. Excellent for stripping, degreasing and general cleaning purposes.
Typical Uses: This multi-purpose cleaner is ideal for commercial uses of all kinds.
State: Liquid | Container: 1 gal. jug | Coverage: 200 sq. ft. / gal.
Item Number: RSF-Oildestroy128
RockSolid Floors Constant Clean
Constant Clean™
RockSolid Industrial Constant Clean is the most advanced commercial cleaning product on the market today. Using safe, naturally occurring microorganisms rather than harsh chemicals, Eco CleanTM breaks down grease, fats, oils, dirt, grime and many other contaminants into harmless bioproducts (H2O and CO2). It also removes trapped oils that cause stains, produce nasty odors and make surfaces slippery. Best of all, it’s biodegradable and near pH-neutral!
Typical Uses: Tile, Concrete, Floor surfaces, Restaurant, Food handling facility floors, Composite floor cleaning, Drains, Grease traps, Dumpster areas.
State: Liquid | Container: 1 gal. jug | Coverage: 200 sq. ft. / gal.
Item Number: RSF-Cclean-128
RockSolid Floors Safe-Etch Solution
Safe-Etch Solution™
RockSolid Safe-Etch Solution™ is used to open the pores of concrete surfaces to allow coatings to penetrate and achieve a proper bond. A true alternative to muriatic acid, it creates the same profile without all the harsh odors, dangerous chemicals and the need to neutralize after etching. Simply flush with clean water, allow the concrete to dry and you are ready to apply coatings.
Typical Uses: Use on stamped or other textured concrete, where grinding is not possible, to profile concrete prior to coating, preparing unsealed concrete surfaces.
State: Liquid | Container: 1/2 gallon | Coverage: 500 sq. ft.
Item Number: RSP-SE-64
RockSolid Floors Graffiti Wipes
Graffiti Wipes™
RockSolid Graffiti Wipes™ utilize our migratory technology that chemically fractures the molecular bonds in paints, lacquers, enamels and stains. The formula was designed for maximum consumer safety while still delivering superior performance.
Typical Uses: Removes graffiti from any surface.
State: Fabric Towels | Container: 25 (5x10”) Pre-Moistened Towels
Item Number: RSI-XRS-TUB

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