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RockSolid Floors Write-On Paint
Write-On Paint
RockSolid’s Write-On Paint™ Dry Erase Kit provides a smooth, hard finish that creates a writeable and erasable surface for dry-erase markers. This paint kit is ideal for use on interior surfaces such as drywall, masonite, wood, cement and metal.
Typical Uses: Write-On Paint™ is a great solution for business offices, child care centers, industrial work stations and classrooms.
State: Liquid | Container: 2 sizes of kits available | Coverage: 50 sq. ft. / kit; 100 sq. ft. / kit
Item Number: 50 sq ft kit: RSI-WOP-50, 100 sq ft kit: RSI-WOP-100
 RockSolid Floors Pour-N-Foam
This product offers high sheer and flexural strength, great impact resistance, and incredible adhesion characteristics to various wood and metal surfaces. Pour ‘N’ Foam is a lightweight and fast setting foam used for setting all types of posts and poles. From DIY applications like putting up a mailbox to high production contractor usage for setting fences, this product is the easiest, fastest, strongest way to get the job done right the first time.
Typical Uses: This product is used for setting all types of posts and poles. It can also be used for mail box posts and fence posts.
State: Liquid | Container: Patented burst pouch | Coverage: Each pouch fills a 8” wide by 3 ft. deep hole with a 4”x4” post.
Item Number: RSI-PNF-32
 RockSolid Floors Speed Cove
Speed Cove®
The new 2nd generation SpeedCove® Systems are a precast cove base system made from an exclusive lightweight flexible polymer composite. They are moisture proof, insect proof, and once installed, can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping, cracking or deteriorating. All pieces come in a medium cream color, and have a very fine 220 grit finish on the face to increase adhesion of coatings. This base system can be finished with any RockSolid Industrial coating.
Typical Uses: Speed Cove® is the fastest, easiest, most convenient solution to meet commercial cove base requirements.
State: Solid | Coverage: 48” pieces or 90 deg. inside/outside corners
Item Number: Radius Cove 1”x48”: (12 pieces per 48’ box) - RSI-SCRadius1x48, Cove Base 4”x48”x1/4”: (12 pieces per 48’ box) - RSI-1/4CB4x48, Cove Base 4” Inside Corner (90 Deg): (12 per box) - RSI-CB4InsideC, Cove Base 4” Outside Corner (90 Deg): (12 per box) - RSI-CB4OutsideC, Cove Base 6”x48”x1/4”: (12 pieces per 48’ box) - RSI-1/4CB6x48, Cove Base 6” Inside Corner (90 Deg): (12 per box) - RSI-CB6InsideC, Cove Base 6” Outside Corner (90 Deg): (12 per box) - RSI-CB6OutsideC

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