RockSolid Industrial

Single Broadcast Quartz System

RockSolid Floors Single Broadcast Quartz System - Image

Close up of finish:

RockSolid Floors Single Broadcast Quartz System - Color Options

Safe and Durable

With the RockSolid Industrial Color Systemâ„¢ you can create a wide variety of decorative finishes that will outlast any other acrylic or acid stain system currently available. Unique floors are quickly installed using Dualie Rollerâ„¢, and the results are as beautiful as they are strong. Custom texturing is possible via sponge rollers and foam brushes, while the virtually unlimited pot-life of the material allows plenty of time to create the desired look. With endless color combinations available, the installer is truly unlimited in their design and artistic finish. The high solids content and excellent abrasion resistance of the Color System make it the optimal choice for all applications.

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